Corner Baths

Corner Baths

Corner baths at

For decades the traditional rectangular straight bath has been the constant fixture in most homes. Today there are several different shapes and sizes of baths available, from the corner bath to the freestanding bath.

Choosing to have your bath in the corner is an ideal way of saving space in moderately sized bathrooms adding the final touch to the bath suite of your dreams. Check out our wide range of corner baths now.

If you have a cloakroom bathroom or ensuite then a small corner bath might be the perfect option for you. We also stock both right hand and left hand corner baths, to ensure you have an option no matter the shape of your bathroom.

If crave for more space then we also have a selection of large corner baths that are perfect for those who like to take a long relaxing soak. A large corner bath is also big enough to accommodate two people, ideal if you enjoy a soak with your partner. 


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