It could go in the corner. It could be a freestanding model. It could even include whirlpool jets. The number of options when it comes to the bath tub in UK bathrooms today is ever growing, but you can’t even begin to select a tub to meet your needs until you've followed these simple rules.

1.       Grab a Tape Measure: You have to know the exact dimensions of the space you’re filling before you consider what kind of installation you really want. It’s the single best way to avoid wasting your own time and the disappointment that comes when you have made up your mind about a given choice only to realise you can’t include it in your new bathroom.

2.       Think Materials: You can get a bath in a number of different materials, and while acrylic is easily one of the most common available today, you could also go with something like European steel enamel, gel coated fibreglass, or even cultured marble. What’s going to work for your space depends extensively on your space, your budget, and your defined style. Look at each material listing critically. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks to come up with one that actually works for you.

3.       Are You Using This Tub? This is one essential factor many people overlook. If you’re going to be using the tub, is it the right size for you? If the children will primarily be using it, perhaps you can get away with something smaller? Know who you want to be in the tub on a regular basis to get the most comfortable option available.

The right tub makes any UK bathroom far more enjoyable, but it can take some work to get exactly what you want. Do some measuring, some thinking, then some shopping to get the right choice to meet your needs.