Close Coupled Toilets | Splashe

Close Coupled Toilets | Splashe

Working on your bathroom? Finding the right fixtures to complete the look is difficult, and the centrepiece, your toilet, can’t be overlooked. As you shop, you may want to consider the closed couple toilet as the perfect addition.

The Benefits

A closed couple toilet is one complete piece. Instead of having a tank and a bowl, the tank is mounted directly on the bowl, so you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of connecting pipes. Flush buttons are mounted on top of the unit or on the front wall, making them rather easy to access.

The benefits here are obvious. They look sleek and stylish, thanks to the single unit design. They’re also the ideal replacement for any other system because they’re easy for retrofitting purposes. If you’re working to go green, they’re very water-efficient. Add benefits like these to the fact that they can fit into even the smallest bathroom design, and you have the ideal choice for your bathroom.

Shop Our Complete Supply Now

Close couple toilets are ideal in many situations, and we have a great selection of today’s top models in stock now. From angular choices that look great with modern styles to options that redefine a country chic bathroom, we have the choices you want most now. Take a look to find the unit that’s going to look perfect in your bathroom, then contact us if you have any questions before ordering. 

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