Column Radiators

Column Radiators

Searching for the perfect radiator for your bathroom? Our complete selection of column radiators is ideal in many spaces, creating a warmth you’ll love.

Why the Column Design?

With so many radiator options on the market today, wondering why you should go with the more traditional column design? There are actually two reasons. First, they’re a serious space saver. The nature of these units means you’re going to utilise less space than you might with another style, and that means more options in your bathroom. You won’t have to worry how things are going to fit when you go with a column radiator.

The second real benefit of these units is the level of output they offer. When you’re looking for real heat in your bathroom, these have been the standby choice for years, and with good reason. You’re going to get a great system for a fantastic price that still does the job just as it always has.

When You Have Very Limited Space

If you’re a bit concerned because your space is so limited, don’t be! Our 3 column vertical radiators are the ideal solution. Designed to go up instead of across, these fit in well with any décor style and any space available. In fact, if you have just 200 mm left in that bathroom, our 3 column radiators will fit!

Discover the Advantages

Ready to discover classic column design in your bathroom? Take a look at our selection of the latest choices in column radiators. Designed to fit your life now, you’ll find comprehensive guarantees, great designs, and choices that are suitable in any home or flat. Have questions about what you see? Don’t hesitate to contact us for full specifications so you can choose the ideal radiator to meet your ne

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