Your bathroom radiator is an absolute must.Does that mean that it has to be all function and no style? Absolutely not. We can help. With a complete supply of aluminium radiators, column radiators,stainless steel choices, and even more traditional designs, we have the perfect choices for your bathroom radiator. UK bathroom remodel projects across the country have already installed hundreds of our radiators, and now, it’s your turn. Before you start shopping, though, you may want to consider these points.

·        Style: Where you plan to put your radiator matters a great deal to the final selection in your cart. These days there are the standard radiators, but there are also fantastic vertical designs for those bathrooms where space is at an absolute premium. Look carefully at the bathroom to decide what might be the best style for you.

·        Function: You’re just trying to keep the bathroom warm? You want a heated towel rack so yours is warm and toasty after you hop out of the shower? You already know how you want to use your bathroom radiator, so that should become a factor in your decision making process.

·        Colour: Chrome finish? Something in a bright white? Looking for a darker colour? All of these considerations are also part of the process. If you haven’t already defined the style for your new bathroom, it’s time to do so before you start radiator shopping so you can get a choice that actually matches what you’re trying to do in there.

In addition to an excellent selection of radiators to meet your needs, we also have a complete supply of the valves and accessories you need to get your radiator installed the moment it arrives. Make certain you take a look at the parts you might need when you add your radiator to the cart so you’re ready to go the moment it appears on your doorstep.