Compact Bathroom? Here’s How You Can Save Space Fast

Posted by Terrianne 23/09/2015 0 Comment(s)

Got a small bathroom?  Want to maximise your space?  If you do, you need to incorporate some space-saving ideas that will free up valuable real estate and make your bathroom appear larger than it is.  Try these tips to save room in your compact bathroom:


  • Make the most of storage solutions – There are a ton of space-saving storage options for bathrooms out there.  One idea is to take advantage of vertical space by using wall-mounted shelves and cabinets, or by positioning storage units so they don’t interfere with other features in the bathroom. For example, installing a cabinet or shelves over the toilet uses space that really serves no function and otherwise wouldn’t be used, thereby freeing up space in the rest of the bathroom.
  • Install a corner sink – Another space-saving solution is to install a corner sink rather than using a pedestal sink or vanity. These sinks are tucked away in the corner instead of being positioned along valuable floor/wall space.
  • …Or a trough sink – If corner sinks aren’t your thing, consider a trough sink. This style consists of a longer, narrower basin that requires far less depth than a traditional sink.
  • Invest in a wall-hung toilet– Wall-hung toilets are another option to maximize space in your small bathroom.  With this type of toilet, the water tank is installed behind the wall, leaving just the stool to take up space.
  • Use your doors – Your bathroom door, and even your shower door, can both be used to save space as well.  You can mount storage solutions directly onto the door, such as towel rods or slim shelving to house various items.
  • Try a pocket door – While pocket doors are no good for mounting storage units, they are great for saving space.  Pocket doors – or their trendier counterpart, the sliding barn door – will free up floor space by sliding into or along the wall, rather than out into the bathroom.

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