Fitted Furniture

Fitted Furniture

You’ve decided today’s best fitted furniture is the right choice for your bathroom. Excellent selection! What’s next? Take a look.

Step 1: It All Starts With a Measurement

There’s no way you can even begin your search for the right fitted furniture if you haven’t bothered to measure your available space. Keep in mind that while you’ll want to keep a piece like your vanity in the same general location, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same shape and size in most cases. That’s why you want to measure everything out carefully. It will help you decide just what will fit where.

Step 2: Think Materials

If you’re going with a chic, modern bathroom, you want to choose fitted furniture that matches that style. If you’re going with something a bit more rustic, you’ll probably want to select very different materials for your fitted furniture. The key here is to define the style well before you actually begin shopping so you don’t end up with a mix and match style that looks as if you’ve just hit a charity sale harder than you should have.

Step 3: Consider Storage

How much storage do you need available in the bathroom you’re designing? If you’re simply finishing a small bathroom on the first floor that only guests use during cocktail parties, you may only require enough storage for a few hand towels. If, on the other hand, you’re redesigning the main bathroom that the entire family uses at least twelve times a day, storage is going to be a real issue for you as you select the cabinets to meet your needs. The perfect furniture is the essential to making the space you need in your new bathroom.

Ready to get started? Let your imagination run, and begin shopping for the perfect fitted furniture now.